Meet Your Longevity Doctor

Dr Peterson, founder of the Oregon Longevity Project has the knowledge, the experience, and the commitment to help you achieve a long and rewarding healthspan. And because we are an evidence-driven practice, we gather the clinical data necessary to monitor and document each patient’s progress.

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Dr. Noel Peterson,

‘Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.’

                                                                             -Eleanor Roosevelt

Welcome to the Oregon Longevity Project! I’ve always strived for a life lived well. I’ve prioritized healthy eating, healthy movement, and a healthy curiosity. Now, as I enter my 70’s, I have integrated these lifelong habits with the growing science of anti-aging. I want to share this knowledge with you, so that you too can be a work of art. Together we can:
  • Delay the onset of the diseases of aging,
  • Achieve a vibrant healthspan, and
  • Enjoy a long and active lifespan.
What is healthspan? How does it differ from lifespan? Lifespan is the total number of years we live, whereas healthspan is how many of those years we remain healthy and free from disease. I have practiced integrative and regenerative medicine in Lake Oswego, Oregon, since 1978. I have over 42 years of expertise in providing functional, effective holistic medicine to many thousands of patients. Through the generosity and wisdom of my many teachers, I have learned, and continue to learn, all manner of treatments that respect our bodies and the vis medicatrix naturae, the healing power of nature. Through my own scientific curiosity, all of these experiences have helped me to discover, and apply, the metabolic, nutritional, hormonal and mechanical pathways that have worked to enhance my healthspan and longevity. Now, as I have entered my 70’s, I have dedicated my creative energies to enhancing the healthspans of my patients through the real-world application of evidence based, effective, and safe longevity medicine protocols. I walk the longevity talk, and I adhere to these very same protocols, leading the pursuit of longevity and healthspan through example. My staff and I share our mission to provide scientifically credible, evidence-based, safe and sound anti-aging medical treatments to informed patients. If you have the desire, and the motivation to dedicate yourself to achieving the longest and most productive healthspan possible, I invite you to join us by becoming a member of the Oregon Longevity Project. Become a work of art. Dr. Noel Peterson