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The Oregon Longevity Project (OLP) is a membership-only program designed to guide you to enhanced healthspan and lifespan, and help turn back your epigenetic clock through evidence-driven and medically supervised metabolic, dietary, and movement-based protocols.

America’s healthcare system has not kept up with the science of aging and longevity.

It’s a sad fact that today, treatments to delay the diseases of aging and to extend lifespan are considered an entirely experimental area of medical research and neither Medicare or any private or group health insurance can or will reimburse you for diagnostic tests or treatments included in this program. That’s why we have created an annual membership subscription program, one where you know the costs upfront and that we are dedicated to extending your healthspan without limitation. 

All patients wishing to enter the Oregon Longevity Project must first be pre-qualified and have met all of the following inclusion criteria:

  • Have completed the OLP metabolomic tests and preventive medicine plan consultations, 
  • Understand that patients with advanced metabolic diseases (diabetes, dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome, kidney disease, etc) are required to engage with Oregon Regenerative Medicine specialists in a coordinated treatment program to improve their metabolic health during and/or prior to enrollment in OLP.
  • Must be Age 40–85 years and have a projected lifespan > 5 yrs at initial enrollment  
  • Have completed the OLP neurological assessments and quality of life patient-reported outcome measures (PROM) questionnaires, 
  • Have completed, or commit to complete, any recommended strength and fitness assessments. 

The annual subscription membership begins after you have completed our enrollment screening process outlined above.   Dr. Peterson will prescribe your unique longevity medications, and specifically includes:

  • Dr. Peterson’s insightful assessment of your health and fitness, including:
    • One-on-one review of your OLP metabolomics panel, 
    • One-on-one individualized longevity prescription designed to optimize your healthspan and longevity,
    • Re-testing of the OLP metabolomics panel every 12th month, and,
    • Dr. Peterson’s individualized one-on-one reassessment in the 4th, 8th and 12th months of your program.
    • Annual neurological and quality of life PROMs,
    • Review reports and status of your functional movement assessment, strength assessment, body composition and exercise prescriptions through our Longevity Circuit Providers,
  • Exclusive Member Benefits:

  • Access to members only web content,
  • Access to members only Ask Us Anything webinars,
  • Access to virtual master classes
  • 10% discounts in our vertically integrated procedures offered by Oregon Regenerative Medicine: all aesthetic, all sexual health, and all adipose biocellular tissue grafts for orthopedic joint preservation. (Not combined with any other discounts.) 
  • Referrals to our Longevity Circuit Providers – integrative care in the community. These providers will have done our master class in longevity so they have a clear understanding of OLP  protocols, including:
    • Muscles in Motion
    • Movement-X 
  • And so much more!
  • To speak with our staff and learn our pricing, call our patient services coordinator @ 503 636-2734