Metabolomics are advanced laboratory tests that give us insight into your metabolic phenotype. The first pillar of Oregon Longevity Project is a deep look into your overall health. We will collect blood and tissue samples for advanced laboratory testing, much more detailed and insightful than what would be performed in any routine physical examination. In fact, most medical specialist are not familiar with the majority of the tests we perform. There are many benefits of this advanced assessment.

First, conventional general assessments are not detailed. These conventional screening exams are to measure the severity of disease, so that the efficacy of pharmaceutical interventions can be assessed. They do not measure wellness. They do not convey how well you may be preventing disease. They do not evaluate the needs for specific nutritional or lifestyle interventions. With a detailed, advanced assessment, we can perform a deep dive into your overall health status. 

Second, an individualized assessment is essential to create your specific treatment plan. We not only utilize more optimal, narrow reference ranges, we are looking at your unique presentation, nutritional needs and functional capacities. While there is a place for routine protocols, we also believe that the myriad benefits of evaluating your genetic predispositions, epigenetic influences, and lifestyle habits are the only way to really get to know your unique metabolism. Longevity is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach; we all have different needs, expectations and goals. Let us help you find yours.  

And finally, we want to be sure this program is appropriate for you. The OLP is not a magic protocol to prevent disease. It’s a tool to further advance your quality of life. Our members already prioritize healthy habits, and these interventions will add to that foundation. By performing an in-depth assessment of your wellness, we can work as a team to address any foundational habits you may want to consider before becoming a member. 

To your health,

Dr. Noel Peterson