How It Works

The entire program is customized to your body’s specific needs. Here are all the testing, evaluation, and personalized plans we put into making it work for you!

How it Works

Longevity Pillar #1: Metabolomics

Your medical and family history, and Research-level testing in 6 key areas help us discover of your metabolomic phenotype so you can reset your biologic age.


  • Biologic Age
    Biologic age determination through a deep-look at metabolism and the expression of your longevity phenotype.
  • Cardiovascular Health
    Because you are only as old as your blood vessels, our partner Cleveland HeartLab provides a deep look with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Lipids, ApoB, Lp(a),  TG, hs-CRP-hs, Ox-LDL, MPO.  CT-derived  Coronary Artery Calcium score provides a non-invasive look at the age of your arteries.
  • Metabolomics 
    Behind the scenes metabolomics with Cystatin-C, Microalbumin, GFR, Galectin-3, HgA1c,  insulin, GlycoMark, uric acid, vitamin D3, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, uric acid and more.
  • Hormone Testing
    Men’s Health/Women’s Health: Free & Total Testosterone, Estradiol, DHEA-S and more.
  • Genetic, Neurological, and Dementia Risk Testing
    ApoE genotype,  Montreal Cognitive Assessment, and QOL-36 testing give us insight into your neurological, cognitive and social health.
  • Movement, Stability, Strength and Exercise Capacities Testing
    Welcome to our fitness associates. Our fitness experts measure and understand your strengths and weaknesses, and establish your physical fitness goals and prescription. We establish your baseline strength and stability, so we can tune your movement prescription to meet your fitness goals throughout the coming decades.
How it Works

Longevity Pillar #2: Action Plan

Now that we know your metabololomic phenotype, your health-age and your physical and neurological status, we present your plan for disease prevention and reversal with your individualized call to action.


  1. Your anti-aging diet prescription is specific to your metabolic phenotype, enhances lifespan, up regulates autophagy, and restores  healthy hormone balance,
  2. Your preventive medicine prescription to fight heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and inflammation.
  3. Your condition-specific movement and fitness goals are tailored to your current and future capacities, and are a roadmap of how to achieve them.
Because we all know that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”!
How it Works

Longevity Pillar #3: Longevity Rx

This is your unique OLP nutraceutical and healthspan extending prescription to help you achieve  healthy longevity.

We analyze your specific metabolomic markers to determine your unique plan and monitor the specific doses of your anti-aging medications for a longer healthspan.

Your anti-aging cocktail and nutraceuticals include:

  • Senolytics that target and remove senescent zombie cells,
  • MTOR inhibitors to express your longevity phenotype and prolong healthspan,
  • Sirtuin stimulators that scientists tell us are the key to turning back our epigenetic clocks and repairing our genome.
  • AMPK up-regulators known to turn down the pace of aging and turn up the pace of tissue repair.
  • Medical monitoring of your response to treatment through laboratory, cognitive  and movement reassessments.