The TREAT Longevity DietTM is the Oregon Longevity Project’s synthesis of the traditional Mediterranean diet combined with time-restricted eating. The Mediterranean diet is well known for its longevity benefits. With the fine tuning provided in our TREAT Diet, along with intermittent fasting and time-restricted eating(TREat), we are confident the diet can extend lifespan in every phenotype.

What sets the Mediterranean Diet apart from other culturally distinct diets is its reliance on a wide variety of foods sourced throughout the growing cycles: Tree nuts, green olives and olive oil, wild greens, root vegetables, berries, poultry, fungi, red meats, fish and shellfish, sea vegetables, and an abundance of culinary herbs all conspire thoughout the growing and gathering cycles to extend and promote cardiovascular and neurologic healthspan.

The TREAT Longevity DietTM Reverses Aging

In fact, a recently published study performed here in Oregon showed patients reversed their epigenetic markers of aging by almost 2 years. This was after only 8 weeks of a modified Mediterranean Diet, nutraceuticals, and moderate exercise.

Our TREAT Longevity Mediterranean Diet has much greater potential to reverse your age, extend your lifespan, and prolong your healthspan. Just by adding the time-restricted eating protocol to the Mediterranean Diet, you will turn on more of your survival genes than can be achieved with the Mediterranean diet alone.

The ground rules are simple:

longevity diet

Think of your diet as a computer code that turns on your gene expression programs

When you eat 1/4 cup of blueberries, the anthocyanidins go to work and direct every cell in your body to turn to the page in your genetic code and “read”, or express the code for producing glutathione, an essential detoxification and longevity enzyme. In turn, this enzyme will help your cells remove toxic wastes and foreign (xenobiotic) chemicals. It also activates the suicide protein P52 in abnormal cells, improves your vision and, don’t forget, they taste amazing!

By contrast, if you were to eat junk food and high-fructose corn syrup, your cells would open the book to the page that reads: heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and cancer.  Just like in computer coding, junk-in equals junk-out.

Remember, no matter who you are or what your genetics or lifestyle are, you still have a master copy of your longevity genes, just waiting to be read and expressed. Which genes your cells read and express is determined by your diet.

Our Oregon Longevity Project app has been created specifically for our subscriber community . It provides all the necessary coaching to follow the TREAT Longevity Diet.

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