Live better. Live longer. Live younger!

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Your evidence-based roadmap to heathy aging and longevity

We’ll guide you to enhanced healthspan and lifespan, and help  turn back your biologic clock through evidence-driven metabolic, dietary, and movement-based protocols.

                                               Our Mission:

To  transform aging into the most rewarding phase of life, extend healthspan, and  help you age with grace and vitality, without suffering the indignities, or the diseases, of aging. 

Our ultimate purpose goes well beyond simply adding more years to your life; we apply the science of longevity to help you live a longer, more vital healthspan. Human clinical trials for enhanced longevity are now underway at major research institutions. At the Oregon Longevity Project, we have studied both the efficacy and the safety of this research and concluded that now is the time to use our knowledge to help you defeat aging.

How it works

Your unique longevity program is an evidenced-based treatment plan composed of 3 pillars + on-going support. 

Discover the evidence-based science behind the Oregon Longevity Project

Live better. Live longer. Live younger!